"Very effective use of recap at the end. I learned a lot. I liked how you turned off the slide (as indicated in your speech) that was when I really focused on you during the speech"

Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI )

How would your team's productivity increase if everyone on the team had the skills to work together as a team? What would it be worth to you if your conflicts were the path to greater understanding and stronger relationships instead of destructive emotions and lasting grudges?

If you are asking these questions, then your solution may be through the work of Dr. Elias Porter. Dr. Porter created the SDI to help people manage conflict and improve teams. SDI is a suite of tests and pragmatic methodology that empower people to improve relationships and manage conflict m... more

Learn first-hand from Wayne how to always deliver Pow'Rful Presentations.

Learn first-hand from Wayne how to always deliver Pow'Rful  Presentations.
Stop boring your boss with lousy PowerPoint Presentations. Learn how to out-present your peers and get asked to represent your cause more often. Here is your repeatable process to define your message, write your speech, create your slideshow, inject life into your presentation, delivery dynamically, and then review it to improve continuously.

What others are saying about Dodging the Bullet Points:

"Well, I'm really-really extremely happy with what I got from 'Dodging the bullet points'.

It has given me stacks of VERY useful pointers, some I've already started to use & others I intend using
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