"Very informative - practical suggestions - a process to follow. GREAT "
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Speaker, Author, Project Manager, Professional Coach

Wayne is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a project manager for a multinational health care insurance company overseeing enterprise software delivery. Since 1986 Wayne has spoken professionally and trained audiences in a variety of subjects including the repair of military motor vehicles and network operating systems in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Holland and the USA.

Wayne holds a bachelors degree in Information Systems and a MBA in e-Business.

In the role of lecuturer, Wayne has been a faculty member at Axia college and Toastmasters Leadership Insitute.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Wayne earned a slew of Microsoft and Novell certifications including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE).

Wayne received an array of awards as member and leader in Toastmasters International and is a past Area Governor for Toastmasters International.

Over the past ten years Wayne has frequently used PowerPoint. Along with many other people he has been subjected to countless presentations that leave the audience sleepy, bored, or insulted. These wasted presentations prompted Wayne to ask "What is the best way to use PowerPoint to get a message across?" Wayne's research resulted in an innovative process that everyone can use to drastically improve any PowerPoint presentation.

Wayne's book "Dodging the Bullet Points - 5.5 Steps to Presenting with PowerPoint" helps presenters all over the world deliver effective presentations by simply following a repeatable process. Following this easy process will let you create and deliver a PowerPoint presentation that gets your message across, and makes your audience remember you're your point is.

PowerPoint Presentations consist of slideshows and delivery skills. Many people using PowerPoint are not trained presenters and gain tremendous benefits from a small amount of coaching.

To help speakers, Wayne co-authored a successful CD, " Panic to Power: Swift and Simple Speaking Strategies Anyone Can Use" " with three World Champions of Public Speaking.

To help common people understand and master the mechanics of public speaking, Wayne created the audio CD " How To Give A Better Speech."

Wayne helps project managers and other professionals to improve personal performance through personal coaching. Personal coaching is like having the proverbial wise old man in the village on your side helping you over obstacles and towards your unique goals.

Wayne is active in Rotary International, boy scouts and Southern New England Chapter of PMI. He lives in South Windsor, CT with his wife and son.

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