A representative from a community church approached me to manage an eight week fundraising project, codenamed SPUD. The project goal was to "Host a booth and sell baked potatoes at a multi-day local fair".
Case Study: Managing a Volunteer Project to Sell Baked Potatoes
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When you hear Beyond the CertificationTM, you may wonder how I am able to help you move beyond your certification. Here are some of the certificates that I have earned. I am speaking from personal experience when I work with you to move you beyond your certification. When it comes to helping people to move beyond their certifications into career overdrive, I have "Been there, Done that, Got the certificate".

Disclaimer: This is a partial list of certificates - I had to throw some in the trash when we left South Africa as there simply wasn't space to bring everything when we relocated to the USA. It was part of the price we pay to live in our dream country - the USA. The list below is enough to give you the idea.

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