"I make a lot of presentations, Wayne's reminded me what a good presentation is and mistakes to avoid"
- Conference Attendee
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Online Version of 77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders

Introduction to "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders"
Chapter 1: "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders" - What your manager wants you to know, be and do as a project leader.
Day 1: "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders" - Why are you in this profession?
Day 2: "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders" - Energy & Enthusiasm

Articles that help Project Leaders

How to go from inbox captivity to email ecstasy - Part One - Your philosophy
How to go from inbox captivity to email ecstasy - Part Two - Success Strategies
How to go from inbox captivity to email ecstasy - Part Three - Tactical Tips
Eleven Proven Tips to get the most from Your Conference
10 Assumptions that will kill your project - (and eventually kill your career)
12 Lessons you didn't learn in PM Prep School
20 Ways for Project Managers to Lose Professional Respect and Mismanage Projects
Beat the boredom - This too shall pass - How to make the most of boring projects
Behaviors to Exhibit for a Project Manager Promotion
Beyond the two-page resume - Demonstrate your true value, without the constraints of a resume
Beyond Your Career. What to do when you have done it all. - Growing and living after you "retire"
Botha Beer Basic Brewing Process
Care & Feeding of the Project Manager
Coaching Skills Improve Project Effectiveness
Five Myths of Project Management Certification Debunked
From Chaos to Controlled, and beyond - How to take control of an unruly project
How to build professional relationships for project managers, using Relationship Awareness Theory - Pragmatic steps to build professional relationships
How to Create a Project Charter - Basic process to charter successful projects
How to earn your PDUs for your PMP
How to facilitate productive meetings on teleconference calls
How to find out what you don't know. - The art of exploration
How to get your next promotion
How to leverage training events for your professional development
How to plan major phases for multi-year, large organization programs. - Best practise - Getting the expertise together for enterprise-wide programs
How to stay informed on multi-leader programs
How to take over troubled projects - Strategies to rescue projects that are floundering
Imperfect perfection - PERSONality of the Perfect Project Professional
Leveraging Social Media for young professionals - Enhance your brand, for free, without obligation
Making the Leap - Project to Program Management - Professional Skills to move up the program management chain.
Measuring Metrics - Your metrics are costing you more than you think.
Nine false beliefs that can blindside your project and ruin your day
Open Letter to a Project Management Professional (PMP ) - Are you a PMP by certification, or profession?
Optimize your Project Communications
Professional networking tips for prosperous project leaders.
Project leaders are supposed to be strong?
Project Managers are a commodity - How to distinguish yourself and stand out from the sea of sameness
Quick & Easy Time Allocation Tips
Should I volunteer, or not? - Discussion points to help you decide to volunteer for PMI leadership
Signs of Problems on Projects (SOPP) - Identifying the symptoms of looming project problems
Skills required to deliver IT projects in the Real World - Traits not discussed in formal project management classrooms
Stifling the yawns: 16 Tips to take the boredom out of serving on a non-profit Board of Directors
Symptoms of projects lacking leadership
Tips for Program Managers - How to be the Program Manager that makes your mother proud
Tips for your "lessons learned" exercise
Use Phantom Competitors to Drive Project Manager Efficiency
Watch you language!! - Language skills for project and program leaders
Wayne's way to prepare for your PMP exam
What do you do when your project plan fails? - 6 Tips to help you recover from a failed plan.
What got you here won't get you there. - Your project management skills are not enough to be a thought leader.
Why you should never leave home without your coach
You know... - Using your common sense aka. Leveraging your experience
You won't like what I have to tell you - Best practices for delivering bad project news

Case Studies

Case Study - Project SPUD - Managing a Volunteer Project to Sell Baked Potatoes
Case Study - Restarting a stalled IT career

Position Papers

Time Management for Project Leaders - Too much work, too little time? This is the paper for you.
Train project managers to reduce conflict and improve project outcomes. - For organizers of professional association workshops.

Improving Your Performance With Relationship Awareness

Relationship Awareness Theory in Action Booklet - Free booklet to help you apply Relationship Awareness Theory
The Theory of Relationship Awareness - Background, Terminology and reference.
7 Ways to unintentionally create conflict on your team - Use your SDI expertise to avoid conflict with team members
Are you getting the most from your team? - How do you score as an empowering manager?
Is that a compliment, or are you being sarcastic? - We want to be appreciated for the things that we value
Quick! - What's their MVS ? - Using SDI to identify where a person is coming from
The monetary value of your relationships - Getting along with the hand that feeds you - your manager

Articles for Your Personal Success in Your Life

Advanced living - self actualization and self-mastery - How to live at the top of the hierarchy of needs
Are you bored?
How to get new traction when your career is stuck
How to make the hardest changes in life for exponential success
Introverted Power - Getting comfortable with your introversion
Life lessons from the First Prize winner - Lessons to help you reach goals from Botha Basement Brewery
Live Successfully Without Your Life Purpose
Pragmatic approaches to deal with Shiny Object Syndrome - This works for me, perhaps it can help you.
The Critical Value of Your Mindset
Your Instruments for Reflective Living

Articles to help you coach yourself to maximize opportunities

Thoughts For Your Day
RUGBO - aRe yoU Getting Better or Older? - The unbalanced scorecard for no B.S personal annual review
Self-Coaching: Make the most of your promotion

Articles to help you reach goals with your Professional coach

How Long Will I Need A Coach?
How To Get The Most From Your Coaching Relationship
How to proceed when you are stuck and can't "Just do it"
Professional Coaching 101
Seven Benefits For You From Working With Your Coach
What happens in a professional coaching session?

Articles to help speakers and presenters

Engage your audience, don't hurt them.
Faking confidence when speaking in public for the absolute beginner
How to choose and benefit from a Presentations Coach
Make your Point with Power
Seven Steps To Your Power Presentation
What's on your reading list?

Miscellaneous Lessons Learned from my wonderings

Getting Appropriate Education for Children with LD in Connecticut
How not to write your first book
Wayne's top tips for long distance flying

Articles to help Toastmasters

Accept My Dare Be a Toastmaster Officer
Eleven easy steps to write a 5 7 minute speech in a reasonable amount of your time so that you can get on with other things in your life
Life in an overactive Toastmasters club CIGNA Lunchtime club.
The Secret Toastmaster Leadership Experience

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