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Are you bored?

Does it feel like you just don't have anything that you want to do? Would you like to be doing something interesting, but don't know how to become unbored?

Boredom is the result of not being engaged in a meaningful activity. To become unbored, you choose to initiate or partake of a meaningful activity. Your best choice is to take on a leadership role in a volunteer effort that serves other people. You won't be bored for very long if you join a volunteer effort in your community, civic organization or religious organization. Believe me, there is always more work available than you have time for, and boredom will evaporate faster than the morning fog in the scorching July sun.

The purpose of this article is to help you challenge your habits and think of things to do that will satisfy you while also relieving your boredom. Here are tips to become unbored. Think about these questions and try some of these tips. What have you got to lose? Your boredom?

Tip #1. What hobbies have you enjoyed in the past that you no longer practice? Did you enjoy sculpting? Painting? Gardening? What is stopping you from enjoying your hobby again? How can you remove these obstacles? What hobby clubs in your area are available for you to join? You can ask your professional coach to help you investigate your passions that you have forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Tip #2. What have you always wanted to do, but never had the time/money/energy to do? Have you always wanted to help out in a soup kitchen? Hike the Grand Canyon? Write a book? Study poetry? Dust of your "Want to do one day" list, and answer this question: "If not now, then when?"

Tip #3. Who else is bored in your community? How can you meet them and become unbored together? Do you have friends or family who are lonely and would enjoy your company? Think about how you can add value to other people and your focus will turn from your boredom to your service.

Tip #4. What industry associations can you volunteer to help? Can you serve as a VP or Director for the local chapter of your industry association? This will keep you busy, serve your profession and advance your career.

Tip #5. How can you be more you? If you are bored, have time on your hands, then increase your Self-Care. Take the breaks that you don't normally have time for. Call the friends that you have not spoken to in years. Learn a new language. Organize a wild trip to Vegas with you friends. Let the true "You" come out, and offer the world your insights and experiences.

Tip #6. Set new goals for yourself. Sit down for 20 minutes and write the following across the top of a page "20 things I want to do before I die". Then set one of these as a goal and start working towards your new goal. Tell your coach what your plans are, and let him earn his money by supporting you while helping you to stay accountable to your plans.

Tip #7. Don't let your boredom damage your self-esteem. Improve your self-esteem and eliminate your boredom by painting out a room, or buying new clothes. Indulge yourself and enjoy the reward that you are giving yourself.

Tip #8. Boredom is usually self-induced. You don't want to hear this, but it is true. You are bored because you allow yourself to be. Take charge and do something to become unbored. Otherwise boredom will breed more boredom for you. If you can't become unbored on your own then seek professional help because you are at risk of bigger challenges than simple boredom.

Tip #9. Get out and get some exercise. Go for a walk, fire up your treadmill, or go all the way and join a gym. Endorphins will give you a fresh perspective, ideas to relieve your boredom and you may even lose a few pounds along the way. Get up and move.

Tip #10. Like all good lists, here is tip number 10. Invite a friend out to a movie or meal, or coffee. Go to an expensive restaurant and give yourself permission to indulge. Discuss the excellent food and exorbitant prices.

You choose to take actions that make yourself become unbored. You may be waiting for a very long time if you expect a bolt of lightning to provide the spark for you to become unbored. You are possibly the only person who can alleviate your boredom. Don't hesitate to call on your professional coach as you investigate a personal plan to become unbored. Go for it.

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