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Live Successfully Without Your Life Purpose

Do you feel empty and lost? Are you searching for your life purpose? Have your read self-help books, tried to find your answer and still feel that the reason you are here is a mystery to you? Are you afraid to commit, in case you make a mistake and your commitment will take you away from your life purpose? If so, then follow the steps below to get on with your life today.

Don't worry about your life purpose. It will find you along the way and a new life purpose will knock you on the side of the head when the time is right.  In the meantime, you are where you are right now. Go ahead and work with what you have, where you are, and take action instead of waiting to find your life purpose. You don't know it yet, but perhaps where you are right now in your life is exactly where you need to be on the journey to your life purpose, even if you can't see it at the moment.

Here are the three steps that work for me, and will work for you to.  I used this process when I chose to immigrate to the USA in 2001, and continue to use it to reach turn my dreams into reality. Remember that "action" is in the word "attraction" and one step in implementing the law of attraction is action.

1.    Select a vision for yourself. Yes go ahead and select a vision. Your vision may be as simple as "lose ten pounds". It may be "save $20,000 for emergencies in my bank account". Your vision should not be "Cure world hunger". Your vision should be something that you can believe is possible and that you can take action steps towards. Don't worry that your vision is too small. You can select a new vision in the future.

The keyword in this step is "Select". Make a choice among your many dreams, goals, and priorities. Choose one as your vision, write it down where you can see it often and move on it. Your power is in the present, not in the future.  Write down your vision on a card on your wall or on your desk so that you can remind yourself of your current vision when life distracts you.

2.    Do everything you can to make it happen. You already have some skills that can make your vision a reality. Answer these questions to help you towards making this vision a reality.

  1. Which professional coach can you hire that has proven results, experience and expertise in this area?

  2. How can you create a plan to move towards it? What tasks do you think need to be complete in order to reach it?

  3. What education will help you towards your goal? Do you need an academic qualification, such as a University degree? Can you learn more by studying a book from your public library? Is there a teleclasss that you can take to learn more and move forward towards your vision?

  4. How can you work towards your vision? Do you need to take physical actions? Are there mental tasks that you need to complete?

  5. Who do you know that has reached the vision that you are working towards?  Find ways to ask them for advice and share their experience. Be bold and remember that most people like to help other people. Don't assume that people won't help you go ahead and ask them for advice. Take the person out for an expensive lunch. You will gain much more than the value of the bill.

  6. Who do you know, that knows someone who has reached the vision you are working towards? Sometimes you don't directly know someone who fits the bill, but you will be surprised at how many times you know someone who can refer you to someone that has reached the goal that you are working towards. Tell your friends about your vision, and ask if they know anyone who has reached a similar vision in the past.

  7. Now get into action. Schedule time on your calendar to work on your activities, every week. Get started, and keep going. You can't plow a field by turning it over in your mind.

3.    Review your progress. Schedule a date on your calendar three months from now, and review your vision, your plans and your progress. Answer these questions, and then follow the above process steps again, with the additional expertise, experience, enjoyment and exposed welts that you gained along the way.  Review your progress every three months, when you are stuck in the mud and after you have flown down the highway of success. Schedule this review with your professional coach, so that you both have it on your calendars.

  1. What worked well for me since I started along this path?

  2. Why did it work?

  3. How can I duplicate this success?

  4. How can I exploit this success going forward?

  5. What did not work out well?

  6. Why did it not work out well?

  7. How can I minimize the impact of this situation, the probability of it occurring again?

  8. How can I make more use of my professional coach going forward?

Remember that the power of life is in the present, not in the future. You do not need a fully-fledged life purpose unveiled to you in order to make significant progress towards a better life for yourself. You can reach dramatic goals and experience a lot of personal fulfillment by selecting and reaching visions by following the process above.

Don't be paralyzed from taking action by "The big bang illusion". Don't let your life slip past while waiting for the blinding light that will reveal your life vision to you. Go ahead and select achievable visions now, work towards them and you can always change your vision when a larger vision appears to you. Don't let another minute go by select a vision, do everything you can to make it happen, and review your progress with your coach every three months. The key is to take action now. And you have the key in your hand.

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