Wayne has a positive and reassuring attitude and is an eloquent presenter, facilitator and coach. He is dedicated, intelligent, and possesses well honed insights that make him highly versatile in helping people reach their goals. I have found Wayne to be a diligent coach who has helped me gain clarity and take action. It is my privilege to work with Wayne and I refer people to him with complete confidence.
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Why you should never leave home without your coach

Are you a certified and experienced project manager, yet under compensated? Are you frustrated at the slow progress you are making in your project management career? Do you find yourself asking "Is this all there is?" Are you feeling desperate about your project management career and frustrated at the lack of upward mobility in your organization?

The problem is that no-one looks out for your career if you don't. Your classroom training and years of graduate college focused on teaching you how to lead projects and manage teams. The training did not teach you how to look out for you. Now, after years in your corporate job, you find that your salary is stagnant and you are not rewarded for the results you achieve by delivering projects on time, year after year.

How do you overcome these obstacles and become unstuck? Who can you work with to renew your energy increase your earning potential as a result? Who is willing to support you and believe in you while you lead and manage other people on your project? The first person you should call when you are facing frustrating project issues is your professional coach.

Here are the problems you face every day while leading projects, as a project manager.

1. Projects are unique. This means that you are likely to face complex and unique project problems every day. Although you are capable of resolving many of these issues on your own, your professional coach creates a safe place to talk through the issues. This will probably uncover new solutions in less time than you would find on your own.

2. The project outcomes and paths are uncertain. There are no guarantees on a project path. Things happen all the time and the result is that you may feel uncertain when the ride gets bumpy over the rocky road. Your coach provides you with honest feedback that will help to keep you grounded.

3. When you lead projects, especially difficult projects, you face many daily challenges and few pats on the back. If can feel like a lonely uphill battle. Your coach acknowledges your work and accomplishments. This raises your self-esteem and encourages you to work harder and be more effective when you tackle the next big challenge. This helps your project team because you are more confident and have clearer vision when your work is acknowledged.

4. It can be lonely to lead your project, especially when you have to report bad news. It is hard to speak the truth on some projects when nobody wants to hear about reality. It is only human for stakeholders to consider shooting the messenger when they don't like the message. Your coach is your complete partner in the relationship and will continue to assist and support you through tough projects. Your coach will be there to help, even if your stakeholders decide to shoot the messenger and block their ears to the bad news.

5. Your coach completely, totally and fully looks out for you while you are looking out for the project. Your professional coach is concerned with your career, your goals and your well-being which means that your career and income will not get left behind while you focus on delivering the best project results.

6. Let's be honest. It is hard to find honest feedback on what is holding you back in your project management career. Your peers may be less experienced in project management than you and their advice is of not challenging enough. In addition, unsolicited feedback is for the benefit of the person providing it. Your professional coach is trained to give you direct and honest feedback so that you can grow exponentially.

7. If you are fortunate enough to have a project manager mentoring you, then your mentor will help you resolve project related challenges. However, your mentor is probably not a trained professional coach and is not able to help you make the deep shifts which yield the largest personal benefits.

These reasons prove the critical need for high performing project leaders to engage professional coaches. Each high performer is unique and if there was a standard solution to your problem, then it means that someone has gone before you and you are no longer a leader. If there is a path then you not blazing a new trail and are limiting yourself and your results. Don't follow the beaten path work with a coach to make your own path.

Since I engaged my first professional coach a few years ago, I have achieved personal goals that were merely dreams while I was striving on my own. My coach helped me to obtain a 9% salary increase in terrible economic conditions. He has helped me to build a business that provides value to many project managers all over the world. My regret is that I did not engage my professional coach years ago because it would have accelerated my career exponentially. Now that I am trained in professional coaching skills, I am helping project managers reach their full potential with the accompanying income increases.

Don't make the same mistake that I have made. Never leave home without your coach.

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