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Engage your audience, don't hurt them.

I recently survived a presentation where the speaker through balls into the audience.
Sounds like a fun way to engage the audience, doesn't it? Well the problem was that
tables were set with water glasses and burning candles. One misplaced ball thrown into
the audience could have started a fire. How would you feel if a ball knocked a jug of icewater into your lap?

I dare you to engage your audience by:

1. Leaving the balls at home. Don't throw things at your audience unless you have
already created a safe and playful atmosphere.

2. Telling personal stories. Tell about your experience on past projects of a similar
nature where your audience can benefit from the mistakes that you made.

3. Keeping your powerpoint slides simple and easy to read. Talk to your audience using
the slides as cues, allowing the audience to focus on your words.
Here's the bottom line: Treat your audience as the professionals they are, and throw the
balls at home with Fido.

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