Wayne is a fantastic speaker to have on your program. He is easy to work with. His interactive presentations benefit audiences and meeting planners. I can't wait to schedule Wayne on my programs in the future.
Linda Benedict - Special Events Coordinator - Southern New England Chapter PMI
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Make your Point with Power

Are your PowerPoint presentations leaving audiences yawning? Then follow these steps
to go from dazzling dancing texts to actionable presentations.

Firstly, the my ground rule is that your PowerPoint slideshow is there to support your
presentation. You are the focus of the presentation not the slideshow.

Step one Less is more.
Presenters often attempt to cover too much material in the allotted time. A large
amount of text in your slides makes the small font size difficult to read.

You can follow Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint. This rule states "a
PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and
contain no font smaller than thirty points". (http://blog.guykawasaki.com).

Step two A picture is worth a thousand words. Use graphics instead of text if the
concept is better communicated through a graphic. For example, if you are describing
the charter for a project to invent the next generation of iPod, consider an image of
the current iPod in a retirement home instead of the verbose executive summary from
the project documents.

Step three Examples make your points memorable. Highlight examples during your
presentation and allow your audience to leave with mental images. For example, if your
project team in Florida is ahead of schedule then point out the positive effects of a
Disneyworld vacation on productivity.

Now add the finishing touch. Rehearse you presentation to confirm the timing. You are
now ready to present your Point with Power.

Wayne Botha is a Project Manager and speaker. He shares tips, techniques and
strategies with presenters to convey messages clearly and initiate action.
Visit his website at www.WayneBotha.com

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