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How To Get The Most From Your Coaching Relationship

After you have decided to work with a coach, the next question you want answered is "How can I get the most from this relationship?"

These are the top tips to help you get the most from the time that you spend with your coach.

1. Schedule 20 minutes on your calendar the day before each scheduled session with your
coach, to think about what you want to achieve in your upcoming session. Then email your
objective to your coach. (Some coaches have pre-session questionnaires to help you with this step). Go into every session with a clearly defined goal for the session.

2. Keep a journal or file exclusively to take notes regarding your coaching relationship. A
dedicated journal is the best way to keep track of your progress and follow up on actions that you identify in the coaching session. Stay organized and your coaching relationship will continue moving forward.

3. Realize that some of the most powerful realizations and shifts will come to you outside of your coaching sessions. Many times you will discuss something with your coach which
leaves open questions that you ponder over. Then the answer will become clear to you in the shower, while driving or working on an unrelated task. I choose to record these breakthroughs in my coaching journal, although it is personal preference.

4. Research the benefits of coaching on the Internet and educate yourself on the variety of
coaching tools available. Contact your coach if any tool resonates with you. For example,
your coach can help you to reduce the tolerations in your life or gain peace of mind.

5. Follow through on your action plans that you agreed to with your coach. Be honest if your plans are not working and allow your coach to work with you to revise your plans. Life does not work according to your plans and our plans are simply one possible path to reach our desired goals. When a plan doesn't work for you, it simply means that the plan is not
working. It does not mean that your plan is fatally flawed or that your goal is unreachable. It
means that a new approach is justified.

6. Keep a record and write down future goals that you may want to work on with your coach. Capture the goals and obstacles as they come to you, so that you always have more goals to work on with your client in future sessions. As you realize the many goals that your coach helps you to reach, you will become aware of new ways that your coach can help you. Capture them in your coaching journal.

7. Realize that it takes time to create the full synergy with your coach. Your relationship with your coach will grow stronger and bear more fruit over time. Plan to stay with your coach for at least six months, so that your coach can learn how best to coach you and work with you to reach your goals effectively. www.waynebotha.com

Your personal coach is trained to help you in the most effective way. Your coach will come to each session prepared to focus on your goals and listen attentively to you. You can get the most from your relationship by staying organized and coming to each coaching session fully prepared to work on your goals.

Wayne Botha helps individuals and organizations improve results. Learn more at
www.waynebotha.com. Wayne grew up in South Africa and now lives in Connecticut, USA.
Wayne is a speaker and author. Wayne is a Faculty member at District 53 Toastmasters
Leadership Institute and has earned the 53 Triple Crown Award for three consecutive years from Toastmasters in District 53. Colleagues and audiences frequently tease Wayne about his funny accent.

Published December 2008.
Copyright 2018 Wayne Botha Email Wayne Cell: 860.214.4897