A great, no-nonsense book that tells it like it is and brings a more "softer" skill to light. When this is coupled with our hard Project Management skills, it should serve to give us a more well-rounded skill base. Can't wait to try some of these.
Tammy Hickey - Enterprise Project Manager
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Chapter 1: "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders"

Your current and future manager sees you compared to your current and future peers. If you are one employee managing projects in a sea of corporate employees, then you need to stand out in multiple ways in order to be recognized.

Your manager sees you and often thinks "If only I could get Joe to improve in this area, then he would be so much more valuable to me." Your manager wonders why you don't see the things that would make you valuable, but doesn't have the time or inclination to help you develop and change to become a better leader of projects.

This chapter describes a few areas that help you to be a better project manager, including your attitude and thought patterns. I assume that you already understand and are applying the basics of project management such as developing project plans and managing risks and issues. Now, it is time to enhance your project leadership skills.
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