A representative from a community church approached me to manage an eight week fundraising project, codenamed SPUD. The project goal was to "Host a booth and sell baked potatoes at a multi-day local fair".
Case Study: Managing a Volunteer Project to Sell Baked Potatoes
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Day 1: "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders"

According to Viktor Frankl, the most basic human motivation is the will to meaning. What is the meaning of life? It depends on your present circumstances, current thoughts and goals, and other perspectives.

You are stronger and more focused when you accept a meaning to your circumstances. I am a project leader and develop people to lead projects because it is my destiny. In the Spring of 1994 I sat in the auditorium of UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership attending my first class in project management when I instantly knew that I was called to this profession. (I did not know exactly what a project manager does, but I knew that I was destined to be in this profession.)

Why are you in this profession? Why do you update project documentation and report status periodically for the few times that your project reaches a milestone? Why do you tolerate the frustrations of project leadership?

The answer to "why" is personal and can change over time.

Action step: Take a sheet of paper (or electronic document) and title it "20 reasons why I am in this profession". Write down twenty or more reasons. The first reasons are easy and it gets harder to identify reasons as you go down the list. It is OK if you spread this exercise over a few days.
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