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Day 2: "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders"

Everyone brings energy and enthusiasm to a room. Some bring it when they enter and some bring it when they leave. Which are you?

Don't you find it tiring to work with someone who drains your energy? Everyone has worries and their own struggles to deal with. Healthy individuals don't want to hear about your issues and struggles all day long.

As project leader, you need to bring energy and enthusiasm to your project, workplace and team. I worked with a project leader who found fault in everything, and blamed others for it. "Joe's project is a mess." "Sally's meetings are awful." "Our executives are idiots."

Project leadership is tough and requires expertise in various hard and soft skills to excel. If you are trying to lead a project team and you are draining energy from your manager and team, then your project will fail. Only positive project leaders have successful projects (and even positive project leaders don't always have successful projects).

How is positive energy demonstrated? Through your words and actions. Smile as you say "Good morning" to colleagues. Return emails and phone calls promptly. Appreciate people on your team by making a sincere effort to help them feel valued and succeed professionally.

Action step: Ask three respected peers and your mentor for candid feedback. Do you bring energy and enthusiasm to the workplace and team, or drain it? How are you demonstrating it? What will you do about this feedback?

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