Wayne, your presentations at our Professional Development Day were enjoyable and instructive. Leadership, and successful project management, starts with having the ability to communicate clearly, and we greatly appreciate you sharing your expertise with our Chapter.

I'm happy to lend my voice to let other PMI chapters know what an engaging and informative speaker you are.

C. Shankar - PMI Westchester
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Introduction to "77 Provocative Days for Progressive Project Leaders"

When you lead projects you have to proactively think of many things concurrently, while also reacting to emergencies and enhancing your career. It is hard to balance your career and personal life while leading projects that deliver results. This book is intended to help all project leaders. Even if you are not a formal "Project manager", this book will help you to manage projects of any scale and develop your professional and personal skills in a semblance of work/life balance.

There isn't enough time to fully "develop" your skills in formal project management workshops. Few people have the resolve to wade through a tome trying to learn the esoteric techniques of network diagrams after a tough day at work. Therefore, I find that readers get more value by developing your career skills, one day at a time, starting today. This book provides pragmatic skills to help you be a better project leader and person in 77 provocative days.

We don't grow by doing the same-old-same-old. We grow by challenging our current knowledge and skills and then making adjustments as needed. Expect to be provoked as you read the content. I hope you challenge my points of view when you disagree, otherwise you won't grow.

I wrote this book so that you can conveniently read a topic each morning, and mull it over as you go about your work day. Keep this book on your desk and start your day with a quick read.

Your skills and career will benefit from the cumulative actions, if you learn each skills and take the action step each day.

I hope that you find this book valuable. Please send me additional tips that can be used in a future revision.
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