Your presentation provided a valuable opportunity for our attendees to learn about the various filters that can hinder effective communications and provided actionable insights on how to communicate with clarity to all levels of project stakeholders, team members and peers.
D. Bailey - President, Westchester PMI

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Project managers work with people to complete projects. However, project managers are usually not formally trained in human relationships. Many project managers come into the profession based on superb technical skills and excellent technical skills can hinder human relations on a project.

The way to address this deficiency is through a structured workshop where participants become aware of their own perspective on the world and realize how it differs from the perspective that other people have on the world. A non-threatening workshop is the most powerful vehicle to fully appreciate the different ways that we interpret our worlds.

How to improve relationships

Posted on 10/28/2011 by Wayne BothaCategories: Relationship Awareness in Action Project Management


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