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Relationship Unawareness

Study after study shows that a critical factor in successful projects is the ability of the project leader to build and maintain professional relationships.

Easier said than done. How exactly do you proactively build and maintain profesisonal relationships?

It starts with understanding your own relationship style. Do you prefer to work alone, like I do? Is your knee-jerk reaction to ask other team members before making a decision? If you don't know your own preferred relationship style, then you can't adjust your style to situation and you will bludgeon every situation with your preferred approach to situations.

The next step is to learn the preferred relationship style of people that you work with. This isn't easy and takes mental effort. Listen for the keywords that your colleagues use in describing situations. Listen to what their hobbies are, and their interests that they pursue when not in conflict.

Now, you are able to take a shot at "speaking their language" when working with colleagues. Borrow language and behaviours from the appropriate relationship style to build professional relationships and get projects done. The side benefit is a more pleasant working environment, as well as career success for you.

Don't think that every person has the same relationship awareness style as you do. Relationship Unawareness will damage and could kill your project.

Free Bonus:
It is not easy to quickly determine another person's preferred relationship style. Sharpen your skills and challenge yourself by listening for the signs when you are watching TV. What do you think the character's preferred relationship style is? What key words did you hear that lead you to this conclusion?

Posted on 9/8/2011 by Wayne BothaCategories: Relationship Awareness in Action Project Management


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