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Beyond the Certification

Beyond the Certification


Project management certifications verify your competency of the basic skills in the profession. To consistently deliver projects in the real world, you need a lot more than merely your newly minted certificate. You need to know what hiring managers look for in IT project managers and why they look for these skills.

With more project managers being certified every day you need to move Beyond The Certification to stand out from the crowd and to see your income reflect your unique value.

In Beyond The Certification, you will learn:
- What hiring managers are looking for
- How to lead projects from the trenches
- How to present your project, anywhere, to any audience
- Networking skills that boost your career
- Communication skills unique to project managers
- How to benefit from a professional coach

Wayne Botha interviewed thirty experienced project leaders to identify the gaps between project management theories taught in classrooms and the skills needed to deliver projects in the real world.

Beyond The Certification is the synthesis of the results of these interviews and candidly discusses what you need to know if you are going to successfully deliver projects that enhance your project management career.


Beyond The Certification is easy to read and full of useful information. It is relevant to anyone managing projects, even if you have not received formal project management training. It is interesting enough to finish reading the book. No one has time anymore, and Beyond The Certification is quick reading. After you have been trained, this is what you need to know to deliver projects in the real world.

Vonzell Thomas, Cigna.

Beyond The Certification is packed with useful tips and information. Each chapter contains salient tips and tricks of the trade. This book is a quick read, simply laid-out, and can be accessed easily whether I want to find tips in a certain area or choose to step through the suggestions and implement them one at a time.

Sarah Schneiderman, PMP

A great, no-nonsense book that tells it like it is and brings a more "softer" skill to light. When this is coupled with our hard Project Management skills, it should serve to give us a more well-rounded skill base. Can't wait to try some of these.

Tammy Hickey - Enterprise Project Manager


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