Wayne is a fantastic speaker to have on your program. He is easy to work with. His interactive presentations benefit audiences and meeting planners. I can't wait to schedule Wayne on my programs in the future.
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Issue # 38 Fall 2011

Pow'Rful Presentations Newsletter


Fall 2011 - Wrapping up and Ramping up
Pow'Rful Presentations is a relatively monthly investigation of ideas, strategies and techniques to assist readers be more present in life, better project managers and make effective presentations (in all senses of the word).
Disclaimer - depending on your background, and my South African origins, you may find some of my spelling and grammar to be "imaginative".


© Wayne Botha 2011


'Tis the season for change

The colder weather in Connecticut and changing of the leaves remind us that the seasons have changed. Summer is over, Fall is well underway. The days are already much shorter, which limits my homebrewing activity as I don't brew in the dark.


It is also the time for a final review of our plans and goals for 2011, and to start ramping up for 2012. What plans do you have for 2012? How will you reach your goals in 2012, especially the ones you set in 2011 and did not reach?


I wish I could say that I reached all my goals in 2011, but the truth is that I did not. Did you reach all your goals this year? However, I accomplished things that were unplanned.


Here is one unplanned accomplishment that is helpful to you as your read this newsletter. I completed training in Relationship Awareness Theory, which has reduced my stress level, improved my relations and expanded my view of the world.


Here is the application of Relationship Awareness Theory, to help you wrap up 2011 and ramp up for 2012.


How to stay out of your own way in 2012.


We all have strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths, when overdone, can become our weaknesses. For example, I have a Green MVS®. I am reserved, cautious and methodical. These are strengths when working alone on my hobby of homebrewing, creating software or writing books. These same strengths become weaknesses when overdone and I appear to be suspicious, cold and rigid to other people. To improve relationships, I work hard to balance my strengths so that they can be dialed down when they appear to be overdone.


Your strengths are also your potential weakness, when overdone. If you misapply your strengths in frequency, appropriateness or intensity, then you get in your own way.


Here is how you can stay out of your own way, and reach more goals in 2012.

  1. If you are a trusting, modest, loyal and devoted person, then you need to see this is a weakness when it makes you not push for what you want. (Blue MVS®) It will feel uncomfortable, but you must stand up for yourself more often in 2012 and accept that things don't always have to be in harmony. Just because you are loyal and modest, doesn't mean that other people are as well, and they are likely to take advantage of you without even knowing it.
  2. If you are outspoken, assertive and like to take the lead, then you need to understand that not everyone sees this as a strength as often as you do. (Red MVS®) Assertive leadership traits, when overdone, are counterproductive because it squashes all other developing leaders and they take their talent elsewhere. You must step back a few more times in 2012 and let others take the lead. It will feel uncomfortable and awkward, but it will develop your self-restraint and you might spot new leadership talent that you had not noticed in the past. 
  3. If you are cautious and reserved by nature, then be aware that other people could find this offputting. (Green MVS®) It can come across as being cold and slothlike to take decisions. You must work on taking decisions and actions quicker, take a leadership role on a committee and force yourself to be exposed to more people, to improve your interpersonal connections. 
  4. If you are playful, an experimenter, socialize and look for options (Hub MVS®), then be aware that your playfullness can appear that you are "wishy-washy" and can't take a stand on anything. You must work on taking a stand on a few issues in 2012, although it will be uncomfortable for you. Learn how it feels to restrain yourself from always looking for additional options, and take a stand on an important issue. 

The way to stay out of your own way, is to recognize that strengths can be overdone. What got you here (your strength) won't get you there, when it becomes a weakness. Firstly, realize that not everyone appreciates your strength as their strength, and the more you exercise your strength, the more it irrates some people, which then gets in your way of reaching peace, happiness and prosperity.   


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More next time!

Wayne Botha 

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