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Issue # 40 January 2012

Pow'Rful Presentations Newsletter


Janu-versary 2012 Edition
Pow'Rful Presentations is a relatively monthly investigation of ideas, strategies and techniques to assist readers be more present in life, better project managers and make effective presentations (in all senses of the word).
Disclaimer - depending on your background, and my South African origins, you may find some of my spelling and grammar to be "imaginative".


© Wayne Botha 2012


January is anniversary month.

What anniversary do you celebrate each year? Wedding anniversary, birthday, and the day you started life in a new country?


January is filled with anniversary dates. We came to the USA in January, got my first job in the USA and have family birthdays in January.  This makes it an important month for me.


However this newsletter is about you, the reader. Therefore, consider the changes since 2001 (when we arrived in the USA) and open your mind to predict possibilities in the future. 


- January 2001. Where were you? What did you think the future held? Remember that airport security was very relaxed until September 2001. Now, where do you think you could be in January 2022? It is only ten years away. What will you feel like? Which important people do you expect to have in your life?


- January 2001. Only computer geeks were using Google. Everyone else was using Yahoo and Lycos for search engines. What drove Google to become the number one search engine? Simplicity. Google is simple to use and fast. You can easily find what you are looking for. What are you doing today on your projects and in life that is complex and inefficient? How can you simplify it?


- January 2001. Facebook didn't exist. Twitter is what birds did. Assuming the rate of progress continues to accelerate how does this impact your projects and personal growth? You couldn't have read this newsletter with the HTML formatting on your browser in 2001. What proactive personal growth regimen should you put in place today to continue your education?


- January 2001. We were living in a hotel room after arriving in the USA. Now (in 2012), we are reasonably settled. We have all the trappings of an average American - SUV, 401(k) and a multitude of always-on Internet devices. I remember in the late 1990s hearing that the Internet would one day be ubiquitous. It was impossible to comprehend at the time because only wealthy people could afford dial-up connections. Now, in the USA, Wi-Fi is a given, everywhere. In 2022, one assumes that any computer, phone or other device will always be connected to every other one. The word "Internet" may be as outdated as land-line telephone service and our grandchildren will ask "What's that?"


In 2022 what will you use for presentations? Will we still be bored to death with PowerPoints? (Assuming that not everyone is smart enough to study "Dodging the Bullet Points.)


What will your projects look like in 2022? Will we still have so many project failures and the constant dumbing-down of the project management profession because we see the profession as merely administrators of schedules and meeting agendas? 


Obviously, we can't predict the future with any accuracy. Certain needs will exist as long as people occupy the planet - the need for education and companionship. Technology offers more opportunities than ever before, which means that we need to make more decisions. Your best investment will be in yourself for the coming decades, just as it always was. And you need to aggressively develop yourself this year, because even though the world is flat, it is spinning faster and faster. Your education and self-development is the key to maximizing opportunities in the coming decade.




My embarrassing moment of the week. 
Although this is a relatively monthly newsletter, I seem to generate enough embarrassing moments to fill a daily journal. 

One year my annual performance review  included a statement that "Wayne is not able to multi-task" because I purposely ignore distractions while in meetings. This was seen as a deficiency by the same organization that advocates "By here now", meaning that you should keep your attention on the topic under discussion in a meeting. Of course, the opposing objectives emanate from the same HR department - enough said.


Today, I was paying attention in a design walkthrough meeting and heard the system analyst say "We will run a one-shot to initialize the data before the cutoff date, and then run a one-shot to initialize the data after the cutoff date."


I questioned the illogical statement. "I didn't understand your statement, can you please repeat it?"


She repeated it. It still did not make sense.


I dutifully explained to her that my program had given specific direction on this issue. Data had to be initialized before the cutoff date. No exceptions. Tensions mounted. I pointed out that her statement did not make sense.


Then I glanced at the design document to see that she was referring to different database tables and without realizing it, the meeting had moved on to a new page that I somehow missed - while glancing at an email. I was silent for the rest of the call. I guess I can't multi-task after all.


I am excited to announce that I am now also offerring PMI Chapter speeches to hel project managers reduce conflict and improve relationships with Relationship Awareness Theory. Contact me and lets see if we can work together for a win/win/win outcome.


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More next time!

Wayne Botha 

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