Wayne's presentation was well prepared, informative and well received by our club members.
J. Ruocco. President - South Windsor Rotary Club
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Pow'Rful Presentations is a relatively monthly investigation of ideas, strategies and
techniques to assist PowerPoint ® Presenters communicate clearly with audiences.
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Also, depending on your background, education and training and with my South Africa
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Welcome to Issue #4, December 2007, Pow'Rful Presentations newsletter

David Brooks, the 1990 World Champion of Public Speaking, says that we all share six
common emotions - happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust and fear. As
speakers we connect with our audience when we touch these emotions.

When you present with PowerPoint your objective is to display images that instantly
evoke a strong emotional reaction in the audience. This gives you the opportunity to
make your point and have it remembered. The ultimate situation is where you can display
a photo that makes yo ur audience members feel happy and they leave with positive
connotations to your message.

This week, while preparing a presentation on South Africa for my local Rotary club, I
found two images with strong emotional reactions. I share these images with you and
discuss them so that you can be on the lookout for images that support your message.

These signs have been erected in South Africa to warn motorists at many highway offramps and stop streets. These signs are in lieu of staffing up the police force to crack
down on crime. I can only smile when I see these road signs in South Africa at the logic
behind a government suggesting that you can combat crime with road signs. This photo is
a great starting point to discuss how we sometimes see different solutions to a problem.

Image #2

After careful thought, I decided to only post the link to Image #2 in this newsletter. Image
#2 is very powerful and I believe it will immediately grab every audience's attention.

Take a deep breathe before you open this URL if you are squeamish.

This victim was car-jacked and then dragged behind his vehicle. This is the image I am
going to use to explain why I left South Africa with my family at my Rotary Club
presentation. A high-crime is an abstract concept until one sees the results in photos.
In summary, when you create your next PowerPoint presentation, look for photos that
create one of these emotional reaction in yourself: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise,
disgust and fear. These photos will create strong emotions in your audience, and lead to a memorable presentation. I try to end the presentation on a positive note, with a happy

I am often asked, "Wayne, where do I find good photos for my slides". Well, there are a
number of sources. Firstly, I came across these sites which have a treasure trove of
photos for your PowerPoint slides:

GRIN = Great Images in NASA.
(http://grin.hq.nasa.gov/ )

Visible earth - NASA images of mother earth from space.

Public Domain Photos

Secondly, my favorite site to purchase photos is www.iStockPhoto.com.

Finally, do you have a Digital Camera? Then you can take photos that are completely
unique for your presentation. Your own photos are best for trips that you take and places
you visit. I find that personal photos, combined with the sources listed above provide
most of my photo needs.

Just a reminder - when you get images off the Internet, such as Image #2 above, make
sure that the image will display adequately for your audience. If the resolution is too low
for your audience, then don't use it. Low-res photos are worse than no photos.
I wish you a happy and prosperous 2008.

More next time!
Best, Wayne Botha

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