Our audience enjoyed hearing Wayne's personal perspective on the convoluted path to US citizenship.
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April 2008 - Using Props, Write your first book in 2008.
Pow'Rful Presentations is a relatively monthly investigation of ideas, strategies and techniques to assist PowerPoint® Presenters communicate clearly with audiences.
In my effort to please the widest range of readers and knowing that adult learners acquire new skills in different ways, you may find typographical or grammatical errors in this newsletter. No need to point these out to me. These errors are purposely selected to serve diverse audiences, and prove that I practice what I preach in communicating my message through all available channels.
Also, depending on your background, and my South African origin, you may find some of my spelling and grammar to be, well let us just say "imaginative".
© Wayne Botha 2008


Using Props in your Presentation.
What is the best use of props in your presentation?
Pebbles"What is that?" your audience wonders as you hold up a few pebbles during your presentation. Your audience cannot see what you are holding up at this distance. You can pass the pebbles around the room, but with 200 people, it will take forever for the back row to see what you are talking about.
What to do? How can you share the illustrate the intricacies of Gazillaionite Beach Pebbles with your audience, while you discuss the geologic importance of your specimens?
This situation is the perfect opportunity to use a striking, giant-sized photograph on your slide, while also holding up your pebbles. Using props in conjunction with photographs gives you audience the best of both worlds. You audience can see you holding up the original article, while also clearly seeing the details of your beach pebbles on the slideshow.
When you use props in your presentation, combine photos with the real specimen for maximum effect.

Has anyone ever told you that you should set SMART goals? SMART Goals are - Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bounded.

When you set a goal for yourself, such as "Write my first book in 2008", most people will tell you that this is not a SMART goal. You will hear "It takes 18 months to publish a book", and "New authors struggle to sell their first book". Experienced authors may even tell you horror stories such as "My first book was the worst two years of my life".

Do not listen to such nonsense. In April 1994, I knew that I wanted to live my life in the USA. This was not a SMART goal for many reasons, including these reasons. I did not have the money for an airplane ticket to the USA. I had no work visa to find work in the USA. I did not have any sought-after skill that would attract employers to me in the USA. And everyone around me took it upon themselves to point this out to me.

But on January 20, 2001, I landed at JFK Airport with my family and we are now living our dream life in the USA. You can achieve seemingly impossible goals. I do it regularly and share the secrets with my students.

Ignore the naysayers in your life and write your book. The world needs to read it. Don't listen to people who say that it is not an achievable goal. Rather listen to people who have gone before you and published a book.

Many people want to write a book. I wrote "Dodging the Bullet Points" in 2007. Since then, many people have come up to me and said "Wow!. I would also like to write a book - how do I get started?"

To answer all questions, and jump start authors on their first book, I have teamed up with Liz Trendowski and we are holding a Feet to the Fire Bootcamp specifically for Authors on 5/24/2008 in Hartford. Come and join us to write and publish your first book in 2008.

And don't worry - you will reach this goal with our help - even if people around you say it it not a "SMART" goal. At the SMART training institute, we specialize in reaching goals that conventional wisdom label as not "SMART".

Email me with any questions that you have about presentations and I will attempt to address them in a future newsletter.

More next time!

Wayne Botha

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