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Five Simple Strategies for Presenting with PowerPoint
Do you need to give a presentation using PowerPoint? Could you use simple strategies to pragmatic advice to help you? When is it appropriate to read your slides to your audience? What is the number one complaint that meeting planners receive after audiences experience the use of PowerPoint in Presentations? Wayne recorded five simple strategies that will dramatically improve your next PowerPoint Presentation.

Download: Five_Simple_Strategies_For_PowerPoint_Presentations.mp3
Download: Transcription_Five_Simple_Strategies_For_PowerPoint_Presentations.pdf

De Boone Show (12/6/2007)
Wayne was interviewed about "Dodging the Bullet Points" on WDJZ's Abundance with De Boone Show (12/6/2007). We discussed the problem with most PowerPoint presentations and what you can do to make sure that you don't make mistakes that most presenters make. We also discussed the use of sound in PowerPoint presentation and the amount of time you need to prepare before starting your presentation.

Download: 56_Bit_DeBoone_Radio_Interview_2007_12_05.mp3

"If you can be a project manager, while all around you are losing their ..."
Sit back and enjoy Rudyard Kipling's poem "IF", which is relevant to project mangers today, just as it was relevant to his audience when he created it over 100 years ago. Apparently the poem was inspired by Dr Jameson, who led the Jameson raid in 1895 in South Africa. I have enjoyed this poem many times over the years, and trust that you will also enjoy it.

Download: IF_You_Can_Be_A_Project_Manager.mp3

How to use Project Management Principles to plan your next presentation
Do you think that impactful presentations happen by accident? Do you wonder how you can plan and prepare for your next presentation? If you want to deliver a better presentation the next time you are asked to speak at an event, then you should apply Project Management Principles to your planning. In this podcast you will learn how to use Project Management Principles and plan your next crowd pleasing presentation.

Download: Edited_Amplified_Podcast_Project_Manage_Your_Presentations.mp3

How to create a 5 to 7 minute Toastmasters speech in five minutes
Picture this. You are settling down to start your Toastmasters club meeting. The toastmaster confirms that the speakers are ready when you hear a voice "Oh Joe, Jill called me 15 minutes ago. Jill cannot attend the meeting today and we don't have a speaker to fill her slot". What do you do in this situation? Do you offer to fill Jill's slot? Most people immediately become intensely interested in their shoes while the Toastmaster calls for a last-minute speaker. Are you like most people? If you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd, then this podcast is for you. In this podcast you will learn how to create a speech with my simple and easy 5 minute speech preparation process.

Download: How_to_create_Speech_In_5_min.mp3

Why "Life is GOOD" in America today
Are you being fooled by the media into thinking that America is a tough place to live? Do you think the price of gas is outrageous? Compared to what? Listen to the reality. America is the best place in the world to live today.

Download: Transcription_Why_life_is_Good_In_America_Today.pdf
Download: Why_life_is_Good_In_America_Today.mp3

Faking confidence in public speaking
Do you feel nervous and visibly shake in front of an audience? What can you do if need to present and are not confident at all. Aren't there simple techniques to help you through this short presentation?

Download: Faking_Confidence_2007_10_15.mp3
Download: Transcription_Faking_Confidence_In_Public_Speaking.pdf

Preparing for successful status meetings
Five simple and easy steps to help you prepare for the next time you present IT project status to stakeholders.

Download: Simple steps to Prepare for Stunning Status Meetings.mp3

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