Beyond The Certification is packed with useful tips and information. Each chapter contains salient tips and tricks of the trade. This book is a quick read, simply laid-out, and can be accessed easily whether I want to find tips in a certain area or choose to step through the suggestions and implement them one at a time.
Sarah Schneiderman, PMP
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"If you can be a project manager, while all around you are losing their ..."
Sit back and enjoy Rudyard Kipling's poem "IF", which is relevant to project mangers today, just as it was relevant to his audience when he created it over 100 years ago. Apparently the poem was inspired by Dr Jameson, who led the Jameson raid in 1895 in South Africa. I have enjoyed this poem many times over the years, and trust that you will also enjoy it.

Download: IF_You_Can_Be_A_Project_Manager.mp3

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