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Dodging the Bullet Points
Learn the simple 5.5 step process that anyone can use to create and deliver memorable PowerPoint presentations

Stop boring your boss and colleagues with lousy presentations. Surely you can do better than read your slides to your audience, just like everyone else does.

Learn how to out-present your peers and get asked to represent your project and team more often. Here is the simple 5.5 step repeatable process to define your message, write your speech, create your slideshow, inject life into your presentation, delivery dynamically and then review it to improve continuously.

In this session you will learn:
  • What is a great presentation and identify what is missing in most presentations
  • How to define and refine your objective for a presentation
  • Sources and selection criteria for images on your slides
  • Mechanics of public speaking that professional speakers use
  • How to make the butterflies in your stomach fly in formation

Project and program managers frequently create and present with PowerPoint, yet rely on the "night before the speech" technique to dump data into slides and read them to the audience. With minimal training and application of common sense, your audience will benefit from Wayne's decades of public speaking experience.

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