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Lessons learned from Project SPUD
Use your PMP® to give back and lead successful volunteer projects in your

Starting from ground zero, with no team, structure or organization, I applied project management principles to lead a diverse team and successfully complete project SPUD. This outstanding successful project is captured in the case study of volunteer project management.

During the process of leading this project, I learned how corporate project management principles must be adjusted to effectively deliver a community project. Although the science of project management for community projects is the same as enterprise wide organizational projects, the art is different. Learn the lessons from managing project SPUD and be inspired to use your PMP® to give back by leading volunteer projects in your community. 

In this session you will learn:
  • The differences between corporate and community staffed projects
  • Where to place more focus and emphasis when leading community projects
  • How to identify your stakeholders are with community projects
  • Communication plans and strategies for community projects
  • Strategies to marketing your community project

Professional project managers bring outstanding value to large organizations and corporations. You seldom think of applying your professional skills outside of the corporate world, yet many community projects fail due to lack of project leadership. If you want a change of pace and have a desire to give back to your community with tangible benefits, then volunteer to lead a community-staffed project for your church or civic group. Learn from the lessons of project SPUD, and give back to your community.

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