Wayne's study is extremely relevant for Project Managers in today's economy. His findings were presented in an easy to understand way. The audience left with useful imperatives to take back to the workplace.
Joseph A. Cacciola, MBA, PMP, Adjunct Professor at Bay Path College
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PMP Exam Support Service

Are you struggling to find the energy and focus on studying to pass the PMP® exam? Perhaps you attended the training sessions or purchased the self-study kit, but find yourself distracted by other priorities. Month after month your to-do list says "Study for PMP® exam."

You know that you have the brains to pass the PMP® exam, but just can't get your energy up for it. Just thinking about spending a day reading the PMBOK® puts you to sleep. 

Yet your career advancement is depending on it. You need to pass the exam, soon, otherwise your manager will pass you over for promotion. 

You may have heard that your PMP® certification will make the difference between getting an interview or never getting noticed when you are looking for a job. But, you just can't seem to find the time and energy to get going, despite having trying to get motivated for the past few years. 

The good news is that you are not alone in facing this challenge. Other people have been where you are, and I can take you where you want to go - support you in the final lap of passing your PMP® exam. 

Many people have asked me for advice, support and encouragement over the years. I have gladly helped them, because I enjoy helping people to improve themselves through formal education and certification. 

This morning, I realized that it is time to help more people than those I come into direct contact with. Now, I offer a customized service to help you reach this goal. 

Also, I have noticed over the years that some people need more than just "Go and read the book, then pass the exam" advice. We are all unique and many of us face challenges that we need help with. There is no shame in it, just a fact. 

If you have tried, and tried, and tried to follow a plan and prepare for your PMP® exam, but failed, then it is time to try something different. Contact me and let's get you going to pass your PMP® exam. 

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