Wayne has a positive and reassuring attitude and is an eloquent presenter, facilitator and coach. He is dedicated, intelligent, and possesses well honed insights that make him highly versatile in helping people reach their goals. I have found Wayne to be a diligent coach who has helped me gain clarity and take action. It is my privilege to work with Wayne and I refer people to him with complete confidence.
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Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI )

How would your team's productivity increase if everyone on the team had the skills to work together as a team? What would it be worth to you if your conflicts were the path to greater understanding and stronger relationships instead of destructive emotions and lasting grudges?

If you are asking these questions, then your solution may be through the work of Dr. Elias Porter. Dr. Porter created the SDI to help people manage conflict and improve teams. SDI is a suite of tests and pragmatic methodology that empower people to improve relationships and manage conflict more effectively. (You can learn more about the results that other organizations have obtained at Personal Strengths.)

You (and your team members) typically get the following from an SDI workshop:
- You identify your Motivational Value System®
- You learn how to identify how to identify people with other Motivational Value Systems®, and ways that they prefer to be interacted with.
- You learn what to look for in an environment for it to be most rewarding to you,
- You learn the three stages of interpersonal conflict and what you can do to reduce interpersonal conflict
- You identify your personal strengths
- You identify personal strengths which can be overdone at times
- A personal action plan to apply this information when things are going well for you
- Memorable activities to apply in your work situation, when the workshop participants are a  team that work together
- Quick guides with pragmatic tips to communicate with people that have different Motivational Value Systems® (MVS) to you.

If you would like to manage conflict and improve relationships then contact me. I am based in Connecticut and am certified to facilitate SDI workshops. This means you have low travel expenses when holding SDI workshops in New England. 

In practice, this helps project managers and PMO leaders in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont to obtain the benefits that come from improved relationships without logistical hassle. 

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