A representative from a community church approached me to manage an eight week fundraising project, codenamed SPUD. The project goal was to "Host a booth and sell baked potatoes at a multi-day local fair".
Case Study: Managing a Volunteer Project to Sell Baked Potatoes
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The Goal Reaching Program

The Goal Reaching Program is four months of planning, support and encouragement by email and phone. We can meet in person if it is convenient for both of us.

Don't bother to contact me if you want to stay in "wishland". Keep on telling yourself that you wish to write a book, get a promotion, become a professional speaker, or whatever. I am too busy to wander around "wishland" with you.

Using proven project management principles, I help people to get things done. I am a helpful project manager and supporting resource to people who choose to work with me. Together we define your goal clearly and then create plans with checkpoints to reach your goal. People who have worked with me say they enjoy being part of projects that run like clockwork

If you want to achieve goals such as these listed below listed below, then contact me and lets discuss if we can work together to get things done for you.

- Write your book
- Raise your professional visibility through public speaking
- Get started in Professional Speaking
- Improve your speeches
- Establish your website on a budget
- Publish articles to demonstrate your expertise
- Improve your social media strategy
- Improve your personal time management system
- Improve your chances of promotion at work
- Adjust more quickly to the USA after immigrating from South Africa

We will meet every other week to:
1. Review your progress on your goals that you have set for the period and,
2. Brainstorm ideas about how you can improve your approach and progress
3. Set goals for the coming period, identify potential obstacles and support systems that can help you.

The fee is $1,400 which distinguishes those who are serious about reaching their goals from those who are seeking free advice. What is the value for you and your family over your lifetime, if you get just one promotion in your career from this small investment?




Why this program came about:
1. I got tired of people asking me for advice, which I willingly offer to help them, and then they ignore my valuable advice and continue along their same dysfunctional and frustrating paths.

2. I need to provide another vehicle for people to work with me and achieve their goals without feeling guilty about using my time.

3. I found that people become committed to achieving their goals at when they open their wallets. Suddenly their goal changes from "I want to write a book" to "Let's do it".

4. I sincerely want to help my clients succeed, and need to invest time with people who are as least committed to their projects as I am.

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